"Design is where science and art break even."
- Robin Mathew

Coho Designs offers rapid prototyping, consulting, and product development services. We work with our clients to gain a complete understanding of their projects unique requirements, assemble a team of dedicated designers, and provide a custom solution to their product development needs.

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Coho Designs experience includes applications in the aerospace, ocean engineering, medical, and consumer products industries.

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Leverage our industry leading tools to simplify and expedite your next project.

3D Printing (FDM)

The Stratasys F170 Series 3D printer incorporates the latest in innovative technology in fused deposition modeling (FDM). Bed size can accommodate parts (10 in x 10 in x 10 in) to provide you with precise 3D printed prototypes from multiple materials: ASA, ABS, TPU, PLA and ABS-Carbon

3D Printing (LFS)

The Formlabs 3 series 3D printer incorporates the latest in innovative technology in low force stereolithography (LFS). Bed size can accommodate parts (5.7 in x 5.7 in x 7.28 in) to provide you with precise 3D printed prototypes from multiple materials: Standard Grey, High Temp, Elastic 50A, Clear, Tough, Flexible 80A, and Rigid

Laser Engraving, Cutting and Marking

The Epilog Fusion Edge laser engraver, cutting and marking machine is Epilogs newest CO2 Laser. Featuring a 60 Watt CO2 laser and a bed size of (24 in x 12 in.). Precisely cut & engrave a large variety of organic materials. Using the rim-style rotary attachment, Coho Designs also has the capability to engrave cylindrical items up to 7 inches in diameter x 20 inches in length. This laser can engrave on anodized aluminum.

3D Scanning

HP 3D STRUCTURED LIGHT SCANNER PRO S3 3D scanning technology creates precise 3D CAD models using HPScan5 & Geomagics for SolidWorks Software. With a scan size of almost 20 inches and a precision of .05% of scan size (up to .0019 inch) it can pick up the smallest of details.

When results matter most.

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    Initial Consultation With Client

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    Develop Statement Of Work

    Develop Schedule

    Identify Risk

    Assemble Team

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    Develop 3D CAD Models



    Identify Manufacturing Partners

  • 04

    2D Drawings Provided

    First Articles


    Final Testing Of Product

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    Documentation Clean Up

    Product Delivery

Keith Huber

Keith Huber

Owner | Lead Designer

Over 20 years of experience in product development

Before forming Coho Designs, Keith spent 10 years as a designer working for a couple of major defense contractors designing fixed & rotary wing aircraft as well as ocean deployed sensors and systems. Currently, his work in military/aerospace, ocean engineering, medical and consumer products has helped in the success of many companies. As owner and lead designer of Coho Designs, Keith has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients whose products range from toys to weapons. From concept to completion, Keith has the knowledge, technical ability, and cutting edge prototyping equipment to develop a concept from an idea into a fully-functional, economical, aesthetically pleasing, manufacturable product.

"Design is so simple. That's why its so complicated."

- Paul Rand

Let us take the complication out of your design.

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